Everything you need to know about Milia

What causes Milia in adults?

Most commonly milia develops when skin flakes or a protein called keratin becomes trapped under the skin. If the build up does not get expelled naturally it can become a small cyst.
Milia can also be caused by taking certain medication. 
High cholesterol levels can sometimes also cause milia due to fat within the body's immune cells.

Milia can not be removed with a simple squeeze since this can cause trauma to the skin and can get inflamed or leave scarring on the skin therefore I would always advise to have them removed professionally.

What product is good for Milia?

There are prescription retinol creams like Retin-A but in my opinion as a medical aesthetician before using any chemicals onto your skin which can also take time it's best to just remove them fast and easy in a treatment.
Treatment for Milia removal, safely and easily eliminate stubborn white spots. Once the skin has been cleaned, a sterile needle is then used to create a tiny incision in the skin covering the cyst.
The contents of the milia are carefully extracted to not cause any trauma to the skin. The results are instant and the pain level is none to mild when it's been carried out by a professional aesthetician.