How do you know if you are getting best results from your skincare ?

Having realistic expectations is also key.

When it comes to your skincare routine and products you have selected, it’s easy to get confused and wonder whether or not they are really working for you?

Even more frustrating can be that your routine can be confusing especially when you are using an advanced skincare routine with several products.

Or the particular product might not be right for you when mixing it with lots of other products (ingredients that might not be compatible) at the same time and do product overload to your skin, which means you really don’t give the new product a chance to perform to its best. 

But I must say, considering I have had my own cosmeceuticals since 1999, and having carried out aesthetic treatments for almost 30 years I know when a product performs well straight away once applied to traumatised skin. 

After professional treatments like medical peels when your skin is most vulnerable, irritated, red and super sensitive its important to have fast results for the clients to recover from their treatment quickly before leaving the clinic. 

By fast results I mean that the clients will get fast relief from the stinging or burning sensation from the laser or medical peel.


How do you know if your skincare is harmful?

You should always read the label on your skincare.

I am still very surprised that a lot of skincare products still to this day contain Parabens and PEG’S, which I find extremely surprising since there has been so much proof and bad press about these particular ingredients for many years. These days it's very easy to get information over the internet to research ingredients.

The other ingredient that puzzles me is Octocrylene (mainly in sun protection lotions) which is a chemical and when exposed to UV light, it absorbs the rays and produces oxygen radicals that can damage cells and cause mutations, measurable amounts and it can be toxic to the environment. This is readily absorbed by your skin and may accumulate within your body.

Most of the sunscreens have this ingredient and whats so scary that its mainly listed on the top of the list of ingredients. Even more scary I find that this particular ingredient is also in children’s sun protection and once again right on the top of the INCI list.