What is skin texture?

What is happening at the microscopic level?

The skin is a fascinating organ and more complicated than you may realise. It is made up of different layers and several types of cells, each with an important function for keeping you safe and healthy. 

When you get older you will experience soft tissue volume loss, loss of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. As ageing continues, waste products built up in tissue. A fatty brown pigment called lipofuscin collects in many tissues, as do other fatty substances. 

Connective tissue changes, becoming more stiff. This makes the organs, blood vessels and airways more ridged. Cell membranes change, so many tissues have more trouble getting oxygen and nutrients and removing carbon dioxide and other wastes.

Cells shrink and decrease in size this is often a normal ageing change and can occur in any tissue.

Metaphorically speaking just imagine a fresh grape as a healthy cell, so when it is hydrated and holding its full capacity of water it looks smooth but low levels lead to lacklustre, dry and wrinklier skin so the grape turns into a shrivelled up raisin.

Is there a skincare step and why?

A high SPF (such as Claudia Fallah’s Ultra Pro Tech) is most important when it comes to skin texture and youth. Sunblock helps to prevent wrinkles, skin ageing, photodamage and reduces the amount of redness and uneven skin.

Primary exposure to UV light is through sunlight and tanning beds. But don’t forget your computer screen (blue light) can penetrate your skin into deeper levels than UV rays, causing symptoms like pigmentation, age spots and fine lines.

Why am I always pushing everyone to use Vitamin C on their skin?

The benefits of Vitamin C can build collagen by increasing fibroblast, something that is known to increase collagen production. Overtime, vitamin C will increase the skin's visible radiance and offers significant antioxidant protection for skin cells.

Hyaluronic Acid in a high concentration (which means in the INCI LIST it needs to be towards the top instaed of the end, for the skin to absorb it efficiantly).

Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance in our body. Scientific studies have shown that Hyaluronic Acid helps improve skin hydration and production of collagen, fight free radicals, maintain skin elasticity, and even has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help with wound healing.

It binds 1000 times its weight in water, which makes it an excellent moisturiser - it is being included in more and more topical moisturisers. Its water holding capacity is what makes our skin plump and hydrated.

Incorporation of sandalwood nut oil ximenyic acid (XA-STNO) into skincare (Claudia Fallah’s Energizing Beauty Fluid) products could result in the increase of the omega-3 acids and decrease of the pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid specifically in the skin, where inflammation underlies many diseases, such as the most common one dermatitis. In contrast to other tissues, contacting skin with a sufficient amount of XA-STANO to trigger anti-inflammatory effects on a daily basis should be possible. For that reason, research on XA-STNO in humans has been mostly concentrated on the skin, and the evidence of an overall positive effect is steadily accumulating.

Also, what could you introduce into your skincare routine to reduce the look or feel of texture?

I would suggest skin boosters like serums, anti-pollution ampoules, hydration masks or facial oils to supercharge any skincare regime.

What at-home steps would you put in place to beat texture?

I always preach to my clients that the cheapest and most simple way is to drink enough (glass bottled/filtered) water on a daily basis. 

When you cleanse your skin at home, use an antibacterial/hydrating foam wash (not soap since soap dries out the skin).  Wash your skin with lukewarm water not too hot and not too cold since this can dry out your skin and increase thread veins and cause skin irritation.

Always apply sun cream that contains a SPF50 even on a cloudy day to avoid cell damage that leads to symptoms of ageing. 

Exfoliate once or twice a week since this is one of the first steps to glowing skin.

Diet - since beautiful skin is the mirror of our soul, it’s also the result of nutrition from the inside and out. Eat more foods rich in antioxidants and those containing Vitamin C. Drink green tea since it's high in antioxidants, which help to eliminate dead skin cells.

Exercise helps to get rid of the toxins and gives you glowing skin. Do simple workouts or yoga every morning to feel good and stay fresh. If you need to feel more motivated or you are a beginner for yoga I would recommend @Yogawithvickib to encourage those that keep putting off starting yoga, since yoga can provide such a positive impact on our mental and physical wellbeing (

Sleeping on a high quality mulberry silk pillowcases to maintain the skin hydration while sleeping to increase skin luminance and reduce sleep creases available from Mayfairsilk ( a 10% discount is available by using a code CF10.

What other ways would you recommend to get rid of texture?

There are various clinic treatments available to change the texture of your skin including enlarged pores.

Mesotherapy, is a treatment that delivers nourishing substances including hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino-acids, minerals and coenzymes to the layers of the skin where cell repair and growth occurs. These are all essential components for healthy skin cells, this treatment helps improve dull, tired looking, dry and lifeless skin.

Medical Peeling, is an accelerated form of exfoliation induced by various agents, resulting in the controlled destruction of portions of the epidermis and dermis causing a subsequent regeneration of new tissue.

Toskani Biorevitalising, prevents and improves the appearance and the condition of the skin, acts optimally, hydrating and improving elasticity to the skin, deeper hydration, correction for dehydrated skin, improves surface wrinkles and retains water. It acts with the collagen and elastin present in the skin to provide a global action with greater durability, thanks to its molecular structure leaving visible results and younger, more radiant skin.

Hydrafacial, the treatment delivers instant results that you can see and feel, and improves your skin health overtime.

Herbapeel Light by Claudia Fallah, this is a unique blend of herbal ingredients with magnesium oxide crystals, vitamins and enzymes. It is a great option for super sensitive skin and reactive skin to achieve an amazing glow and minimise enlarged pores and even out blotchy skin by improving microcirculation and supplying the skin with oxygen and nutrients to promote new cell growth and improves elasticity.

Any ingredients that are vital to supplement?

Vitamin A, B3, C and E

Hyaluronic Acid