Why is Sunday night the best time to pamper your skin?

What products are good for getting the skin ready for a new week?

I would always suggest an exfoliant that buffs away dead skin cells to reveal a fresher and healthier complexion but also to make your skin more available to absorb the nutrients of your products much better.

A nourishing mask to hydrate your skin is also an excellent idea to unwind and take time to treat your skin.

A repair serum to supercharge and rejuvenate your skin with antioxidants would be very beneficial to improve the skin’s metabolism to restore vitality and restore and maintain skin integrity.

What steps does a good skin pampering routine consist of?

The first step should be a good cleanse followed by light home peeling or exfoliation, repair serum and a mask.

It’s really depends what products you are using so if it’s a wash off mask I would suggest to super charging your skin with a repair serum straight after but if it’s a leave on mask I would apply a serum before applying the mask.

I would not overdo a beauty routine because it’s pampering Sunday but it’s the time you can treat yourself with a special routine.



How can spending time on your skin before a busy week improve your mood?

Taking time for yourself is vital in a busy and demanding life to make sure you create “YOU” time #mefirst

By taking time for yourself and looking into the mirror at your glowing complexion sets you up for the week and it makes you feel good that you have taken time out for yourself to treat yourself.

How does your weekday skin routine differ from your weekend one?

During the week the skin care routine has to be shorter because of limited time available. The weekly routine has to be cleansing, toning and moisturising where at the weekend the routine is turning more into a ritual of taking extra care and treating yourself with a beautiful scented candle to unwinding and adding other products like an exfoliant and a mask.