About the brand


CLAUDIA FALLAH Owner, Claudia Fallah Cosmeceuticals Ltd.


The London based leader in corrective and preventative skincare, Claudia Fallah created gentle and potent cosmeceutical formulations using her bio-dynamic approach of using what nature supplies, which filled the gap between the beauty counter and invasive treatments.

Proudly Made in London and independently owned and financed, CLAUDIA FALLAH is now a UK phenomenon, stocked in prestige clinics, exclusive day spas, and high quality pharmacies.

Entering the cosmeceuticals world on an international scale has meant Claudia Fallah has had to create genius in order to stand out.

CLAUDIA FALLAH best selling rejuvenating, hydrating and anti-ageing serum ‘Energizing Beauty Fluid’ is symbolic of this approach, being the first in Europe to use a high percentage of a totally natural ingredient with a very technical sounding name XA-STNO which is sure to become a “cult” beauty must have, due to its amazing effects even on skin suffering from conditions such as rosacea and the fact that it only sourced from an ecologically sustainable renewable source.

Despite a history stretching back over seventeen years, the core message remains unchanged; CLAUDIA FALLAH is committed to achieving clinical results with minimal effort and zero downtime. Integrity and bio-dynamic holistic development sets CLAUDIA FALLAH apart from other brands that merely offer a band-aid rather than a solution for specific skin concerns. To achieve fast effective results CLAUDIA FALLAH use a concentrated and balanced combination of potent cosmeceutical, natural ingredients, which are supported with scientific evidence and efficacy studies.

Brand owner and director Claudia created the CLAUDIA FALLAH brand out of her own skin struggles and personal need for effective gentle skin treatments combined with her experience working with such conditions in her Marylebone clinic over many years with people from all walks of life and an unnamed select from the red carpet. Claudia believes brands need to be accountable for their products and deliver on the promise of a healthy and balanced functioning skin.

CLAUDIA FALLAH is a leader in sensitive, natural, rejuvenating and skin renewal; formulating our own skin care and supplying the professional and retail beauty industry. Only selectively trained and approved luxury clinics worldwide will offer our treatments and we aim to innovate and educate within the professional industry. As a brand, we have owned the category of sensitive skin care since 1999 - long before it became fashionable to develop gentle natural products for sensitive skin without parabens and other harsh chemicals.


We know you do not have time for complicated beauty routines, and we do not want you to wait to see results. Our products are easy to use and are multi-functional.


We use high percentages of natural active ingredients and keep our price points honest. We believe everyone is entitled to great skin regardless of budget.


We have open communication with our customers and remain accountable for the products we create. We deliver on the promise to ‘Restore & Maintain Skin Confidence’


We let our products do the talking not our packaging. CLAUDIA FALLAH stands for understated elegance and intelligence, with packaging that is clean and smart without being over the top.


Above all we are passionate about skin and are dedicated to creating products that produce clinical results and solutions for your skin concerns.


No one knows better about the difficulties of living with a skin condition than Claudia, Director of CLAUDIA FALLAH. Having suffered being hospitalised with a major skin trauma in her teenage years and extremely sensitive skin to this day, Claudia began a quest to create a bio-dynamic product range that would address not just the imbalances of the skin on a daily basis, but one which would help prevent those problems from reoccurring and help other people feel better about their appearance.

Disappointed by the lack of genuinely natural cosmetics like the type she had learned with when she studied in Germany and the poor results she achieved from over the counter cosmetics and appalled by the disinterest and lack of empathy from the large brands, Claudia introduced the CLAUDIA FALLAH brand to London in her clinic in 1999, working to fund every development herself.

Within days of using the range her clients saw immediate and sustained visible improvements; not just in their skin, but in their confidence and self esteem.

The quote ‘Restore & Maintain Skin Confidence’ was born

The experience has changed her life, with the many personal sacrifices she had to make by working hard and saving the money to take the brand to where it is now.

In 2012 when she married she finally had the support of someone who totally believed in her and could see the potential of her incredible products, Christopher has stood behind her and has given her the type of emotional and technical support she had not had from anyone close before, to help push her brand forward and realise Claudia’s goal to help many more people then she could see in the clinic.

Ultimately she had give up her clinic to champion the brand and spread the CLAUDIA FALLAH gospel.

As the owner and figurehead of CLAUDIA FALLAH, Claudia now travels the globe meeting and treating men and women with their own skin concerns and problems; she dedicates herself to developing products which can help bring sustainable solutions to many more people.