Highly qualified and experienced skincare specialist since 1989,

Claudia Fallah, Skincare Guru & Specialist

A highly qualified and experienced aesthetic specialist since 1989, Claudia originally trained with noted dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons in Germany.

Claudia has since dedicated her career to treating skin micro trauma and sensitivity!

Claudia works across all skin conditions, age groups and ethnicities. Upon opening her clinic in Marylebone in 1995, which fast became very successful, Claudia soon found that many skincare products on the market were actually more of a problem than a solution for traumatised and sensitive skin.

In 1999, she addressed this by developing her own range of cosmeceutical products specifically for her clients to use at home. Such is the effectiveness of the range, Claudia’s products are now used by selected therapists, dermatologists and Harley Street cosmetic surgeons.

Claudia is well loved and respected by her clients for her immense knowledge, effective products and their amazing results, and is often referred to by the press as one of “London’s ‘best kept secrets”. She notably has a strong following with numerous celebrity clients from the stage, screen and music industry.

Claudia is now taking her business to the next level, with the aim of sharing her products’ dramatic effects through wider distribution.

Claudia’s Mission

“Give me the worst skin, I’ll deal with it”

Sensitive Skin – The Facts

  • High interest in ultra-gentle skincare is consistent with an overall category shift towards more products positioned as gentle/appropriate for sensitive skin.

  • In 2014, sensitive skincare claims represented 25% of total skin care claims, compared to 15% in 2009… with 71% of facial skin care users saying they are interested in ultra-gentle products (Mintel).

  • These trends reflect the move towards natural skincare, with sales of facial cleansers and moisturisers capturing an increased percentage of the market.

  • This move towards gentle skincare is a reflection of consumers’ desire for performance combined with increased concern and awareness about what is being put on their skin.

  • In her own clinic (part time) Claudia has made over £19k in product sales in the last 12 months, think how much commission you could make! As your clients will come back for more when they start receiving the complements on their skin confidence.