Visit one of the UK’s most sought after skin specialist
keeping you looking your very best.

British Brand, Made in London!

Visit one of the UK’s most sought after skin specialist keeping you looking your very best.

British Brand, Made in London!

Why Claudia Fallah

Developed as kinder alternatives to using steroids, cortisone or antibiotics on traumatised skin, the Claudia Fallah products are free of any ingredients that have a history of causing skin sensitivity, delivering cosmeceutical category-leading performance in terms of efficacy, consistency and pleasure to use on a daily basis.

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For Traumatised or
Sensitive Skin

Claudia Fallah products contain tried and tested ingredients to enhance skin’s beauty, youth and radiance. Without the use of harsh or unnecessary ingredients, Claudia Fallah products are premium products with a reason, and that reason is your clients happiness and skin confidence. All of the products within Claudia’s range are produced in small batches and presented in premium airless containers, so that they deliver optimum freshness and potency. All of the products are hypoallergenic, organic, paraben-free, perfume-free, and can be used on all skin types, in particular traumatised or sensitive skin.



I’m Claudia Fallah

Claudia Fallah, Skincare Guru, and specialist in skin trauma, has built a strong reputation within the beauty industry over the past thirty years.

Claudia’s mantra of “Give me the worst skin, I’ll deal with it” distinguishes her from other celebrity and high profile aesthetician’s and positions her as an expert whose service has both emotional and health benefits – Claudia and her brand are an antidote to problem skin, rather than another beauty product introduced to the crowded market.

Claudia Fallah is the solution to a problem with the ability to change skin and change lives as a result.

Our Favourites


Claudia and her products are brilliant! So caring and gentle when removing my skin tags from my neck. Excellent service, relaxing treatment room and the results are amazing. Highly recommended. Her award-winning products are gorgeous too, especially the CF Azulene Foam Cleanser. Love it! Thank you Claudia, so glad you were recommended to me.

Jo James

I absolutely love the Ultra Pro-Tech Protection Moisturizer. It does what it says, it protects your skin from the sun’s rays, moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling beautiful and soft. It also smells great. I love Claudia Fallah Cosmeceuticals.

Jo Tocher

I have been seeing Claudia for treatments over the last two years and the difference in my skin has been so noticeable! Not only do I have great confidence in her knowledge and expertise but also she is a lovely person to be around. Highly recommended!!

Annie Armitage