Here we would like to share just a few of our favourite comments from our lovely clients.

After so many lacklustre facials, I’ve finally found my dream therapist. From the very beginning I could tell that Claudia was highly skilled and experienced. Her hands move so assuredly, and apart from a short blitz on my blocked pores, I was in heaven throughout the session.

Claudia explained what she was doing and why, and it was really helpful to learn more about my skin. I left with a small selection of her products, and am already a big fan – not just because they work, but because they feel so good (ie. I can’t feel them – no greasiness or stickiness at all) on my skin. And compared to Space NK prices, they are great value.

Claudia has worked magic on my skin, and I won’t be going anywhere else from now on. Thank you Claudia!!!!

Claire Norwood

Absolutely loving Claudia Fallahs products! They really calmed my skin down. Any time you have a blemish, or red/angry skin, use Cover Recue on and it soothes and restores your skin like no other! Thank you to Claudia Fallah for this great invention. I couldn’t recommend these products highly enough

Cheryl Laidlaw

I am a regular client for Claudia’s facials, and she is a marvel. Skin glows and stays radiant for weeks afterwards. I am a huge fan of her products. The calming face wash cleanses gently and thoroughly, leaving skin soft. The energising beauty fluid smells amazing, is easily absorbed, and calms stressed out skin. I’m a fan of all her products, I even buy them for my husband to stop him stealing mine! Five stars: thoroughly recommend!

Natalie Haverstock

I absolutely love the Ultra Pro-Tech Protection Moisturizer. It does what it says, it protects your skin from the sun’s rays, moisturizes and leaves your skin feeling beautiful and soft. It also smells great. I love Claudia Fallah Cosmeceuticals.

Jo Tocher

Claudia and her products are brilliant! So caring and gentle when removing my skin tags from my neck. Excellent service, relaxing treatment room and the results are amazing. Highly recommended. Her award-winning products are gorgeous too, especially the CF Azulene Foam Cleanser. Love it! Thank you Claudia, so glad you were recommended to me.

Jo James

I spent years searching for the ultimate bespoke facial and visited most of the well known establishments and ‘celebrity’ skin care specialists. My search is over, Claudia is the most exceptional practitioner and many of my more discerning friends cannot speak more highly about her. My skin has never looked better.

Rebecca Hirst

Claudia is a magic! I had a skin tag removal treatment which was quite difficult but Claudia is a superstar. She knows what she is doing and is very skilled. She made me feel relaxed and at ease. I would highly recommend and don’t want to go anywhere else other than to Claudia now. Thank you so much!!!

Hannah Hamshere

Thank you Claudia, your facial and products have really helped me. I am a 19y/o boy and it has entirely transformed my face. In particular the Cover Rescue clears my skin in days. My skin is the best it has been in five years by a massive margin. Thank you.


I have been seeing Claudia for treatments over the last two years and the difference in my skin has been so noticeable! Not only do I have great confidence in her knowledge and expertise but also she is a lovely person to be around. Highly recommended!!

Annie Armitage

I had the most incredible mesotherapy treatment with Claudia last week. Using her expertise Claudia created a bespoke cocktail of skin goodies for my skin, and during the treatment she talked me through each step helping me feel comfortable and informed. My skin is looking soft, clear and glowing – I am definitely looking a few years younger 😉

Yolande De Vries

I have both been a user and also seen the longevity of success of the Claudia Fallah Cosmeceutical range knowing other satisfied customers personally. I’ve also witnessed the respect these products have within the industry having seen Claudia consistently win countless best in class awards over many years earning the much deserved recognition of Claudia’s dedication herself as well as the product’s quality.

Kevin Neil Crook

Claudia is a very talented and attentive facialist. I’ve known her for a couple of years and have been having regular facials for the last few months. Since then my skin has been looking amazing. I did suffer from the occasional breakout around my jawline and since my facials with Claudia I haven’t had this at all.

Her Claudia Fallah range is beautiful and highly effective. As I run out of my big-named products I’m switching to hers as they are so effective.

Nicole Bremner

Claudia Fallah is hands-down the best esthetician I have ever encountered. I’ve been visiting Claudia for 15 years or so, and am always extremely satisfied with the results. For some years, I’ve lived between LA, New York and London, and make sure to see her on every trip home. Her attention to detail, knowledge and care are exceptional. My skin glows after every appointment. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Paula Woods

Claudia is just fantastic. From the calming environment of her wonderful space in East London to her world class products. I have really struggled with my skin for years and it felt and looked so much better after my facial. The products are the best I’ve used (and i’ve tried many!). Moving out of London but I will travel to see her again when my skin needs it! Thank you Claudia! x

Amy Thomas

I absolutely adore Claudia Fallah’s products and facials ( if you are based in London, I highly recommend you try her beauty services personally). High quality and the results are just terrific.

Darshana Ubl

I came across Claudia through mutual friends who just have the most amazing glowing skin. Claudia provides a bespoke facial for your skin’s needs and her products are just amazing.The Azulene Foam Gel is so gentle and the cover rescue has taken down the redness that I used to get. Now that sun has appeared have just started to use the SF50 Ultra Pro-Tech moisturiser which smells of cucumber. Claudia is a well kept secret that needs to be shared !

Fiona Childerstone

A thorough and lovely experience. Claudia is warm, friendly and has a laser like quality for assessing the state of your skin in seconds and her facials and products really do work. What’s more they’re a joy to use. I recommend.

Paula Gardner

I had the best facial with Claudia. I was so surprised by the length of time she spent with me explaining the treatment and the process to me, she went into detail and was reassuring. I felt extremely well looked after and like I was in very safe hands. The treatment was uncomfortable because I had a medical peel and mesotherapy, but Claudia’s attention to detail and knowing just how much treatment I needed was absolutely on point. A wonderful environment, I felt beautifully looked after.

Chrissy Reeves

Claudia gave me the best facial I have ever had! I have had numerous facials over the years but not one can hold a candle to the Claudia Fallah experience, she is in a league of her own and don’t even start me on the products!! They are incredible. I won’t let anyone else near my face, as a Fashion Industry professional my image is key. I LOVE her!

Donna McCulloch

I’ve been going to see Claudia now for several years for various treatments and have never been disappointed with either the experience or the result! The Claudia Fallah products are beautiful – they smell gorgeous, feel wonderful on your skin and they do exactly what they promise. Claudia is a true professional, she knows what your skin needs and delivers!!! You won’t be disappointed!!

Sue Charlton

I’ve started using Claudia Fallah’s Gentle Exfoliant Crème – It is exactly that, ‘gentle’ but does the trick. Many other exfoliants are too abrasive, not this one. It feels great and smells wonderful and Claudia has somehow achieved this with all natural ingredients. Amazing. I use it every Friday morning without fail, and think of it as my ‘Friday Fallah Facial’. Thank you for your beautiful skincare, Claudia! …My skin thanks you too 😉

Cory Cook
My skin was looking a little dull and grey. Under the surface on my cheek bones I had tiny pin prick spots which were bothering me. I had a consultation and facial treatment with Claudia and purchased 2 of her products. The results were marvellous and my skin is now back to it’s glowing norm. #highlyrecommend
Julia Sondack

I experienced the most relaxing, thorough and enjoyable facial with Claudia. She is an absolute professional, has a very gentle manner and made me feel completely comfortable and confident about the treatment.

Vicki Baumann

I have just had THE MOST amazing mesotherapy by Claudia. After just 30 mins, I am blown away by the results! I can thoroughly recommend this treatment. I feel like a new (younger) freshfaced version of myself. Try it, you won’t regret it!

Louise Gardiner

Three years ago when I had eczema it took me months to get rid of it. When I started to get a break out a few weeks ago a friend recommended the Claudia Fallah products, so I tried the Cover Rescue for daytime and the Intensive Repair Creme. Within hours the redness had gone, I couldn’t believe it! Thank God the products worked, as I was giving three talks that week and needed to look my best!

Rachel McGuinness

An hour of bliss for a wonderful facial. Left me feeling relaxed and my face felt the best its felt for a long while as well as ‘glowing’ Thank you Claudia cant wait for next time.

Ruth Lipton

Amazing lady, amazing products! She is an amazing skin doctor who knows everything about skin – and uses all natural products! She has been a massive help to my skin ache problems and I’m so grateful I found her! She is also super lovely and makes the experience like seeing an old friend! Really recommended!

Natalia Atkins

An excellent company that provides top quality service and attention to detail. We would highly recommend Claudia to anybody seeking the highest level of care and understanding about their individual skincare needs.

The Young Actors Studio London

I visited Claudia in December after being on antibiotics and other doctor-prescribed drugs for about a month. My acne and eczema were very strong and I could not find a way to stop them. Claudia did her magic and 2 hours later my skin looked completly different. I purchased a full set of branded products and went home wishing for the best. And the best has happened! My skin started cleaning out and all acne, blemishes etc disappeared. For the first time since my teenage years, I can now leave the house without makeup. I continue using Claudia’s cosmetics. When some spots returned circa 4 months after the treatment, I’ve set up 2nd appointment to get my face cleaned again. Claudia’s magic changed my life and I have been recommending her left, right and centre. So far she helped a friend of mine and my sister to get their glow back. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment or try Claudia’s cosmetic range – if you’re struggling with acne, it will change your life.

Karolina Adamczyk

I have been using Claudia Fallah’s fabulous organic skincare products for over 3 years now. As I approached my 50’s I found my skin began to change.My face became very flushed and distressed and this knocked my confidence. I used Claudia’s Cover Rescue cream at night to calm my skin and her Repair Cream daily which soon corrected the problem. I now have the whole range of products which have become part of my daily skin care routine. However, it’s not only Claudia’s products that are special, it’s her in-depth knowledge, personalised advice and wonderful service.

Tracey Barr
I can’t recommend Claudia or her products more highly. I went for a beautiful facial and my skin was glowing, revitalised and hydrated and people commented for days after. I purchased several of the products she used in the facial and my skin feels amazing. My skin is fresh. clear and my make up sits so well on my face now. I’d never go anywhere else and the products are beautiful.
Melissa Noakes
I was recommended by my wife to Claudia when I had an allergic reaction which caused a rash on my face. Claudia gave me an amazing facial, which showed improvement immediately. She reccommended to me her product Cover Rescue . Applying this twice a day, within 48 hours my rash had completely gone. I would call this some kind of a miracle product. I thoroughly recommend Claudia as being not only a top-notch expert in her field, but a thoroughly nice person to deal with, a calming influence and 100% recommended.
John Steel

Claudia Fallah has been caring for my face for at least ten years. Her personally-tailored facial treatments really work – they are deep cleansing, healing and rejuvenating.

I have been using her products for ten years and I find they work particularly well at keeping my skin looking healthy and clean.

My favourite product is the Claudia Fallah Cover rescue which covers, calms and heals absolutely any skin redness and irritation. The Claudia Fallah Gentle Exfoliant Creme is the best exfoliant cream I have used for exfoliating without any skin-damage and the only thing that goes onto my face after morning and evening cleansing is the Claudia Fallah Energizing Beauty Fluid Repair Serum!

Gary Raymond Peyper

Prior to speaking with Claudia I was prone to recurring cycstic acne for over 7 years. I noticed drastic improvements to my skin after my first session. She is attentive, providing exceptional advise and knowledge in her field. As well as this she took the time to address my skin as an individual and not as a collective, providing me with expert advice on how to help treat my acne and scarring. With the help from Claudia’s advice and products – especially the cover rescue and Azulene foam cleanser which I now use daily in my routine – my skin has never looked so good. I now have the confidence to go out with minimal make up and feel happy in my skin. Thank you Claudia!

Robyn D

Claudia is a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about creating beautiful products. I suffered with acne for years & her products & treatments helped me heal my skin, reduce scaring & I left glowing with smoother and firmer skin. Highly recommend!

Michelle Wilkie

Claudia is nothing short of a genius. She’s passionate, she’s an expert and she’s got a range of products that genuinely work.

Nick M

I have been a fan of Claudia Fallah Skincare and Facials for some time now..Claudia is the consummate skincare professional and I have always loved to have a facial at her private clinic when I could. But her facials have just taken on a whole new level…I had a Messotherapy Facial on Monday this week and I am sooo impressed. My skin is still glowing, the fine lines are smoothed and I swear that some of the deeper lines I had are now much finer. It’s like a miracle facial and as a beauty junkie approaching her 50th birthday I don’t say this lightly… this is the best facial I have ever had. Everyone I have met over these last few days has commented on how well I look… and to be honest (without sounding vain here) I’m glowing. Do not hesitate in putting your face in Claudia’s very capable hands… you will not disappointed.

Juls Abernethy